To keep your home safe, expensive home security systems aren’t your only option. You’ll find a lot of inexpensive ways to make your home burglar-proof from Mortise lockset to cylinder locks. 

Remember that even if you have very little budget for residential protection, you don’t want to overlook the important steps that are the basics of home security. Here are the top no-cost and low-cost theft-proofing measures that you can implement right away. 

Keep The Doors and Windows Locked

Most burglaries happen during daylight hours, when you least expect it. These burglars only need a window of 8-10 minutes to get the job done so it is best to keep the doors and windows locked. 

Use Quality Locks

Don’t go for the cheap ones as they will be easily drilled or kicked open by burglars. Use locks that have anti drilling features. Moreover, a quality and complicated lockset will deter thieves from targeting your home. If they see that your home is burglar proof, they will think twice before they plan to break in. 

Keep Your Locks Updated

If it’s been years since you changed locks, check if they are still properly working. See if any of the locks damaged or if there are extra keys you lost that could be used by strangers. For exterior locks, check if they can be easily picked or bumped open. If they need to be updated, don’t think twice and immediately change or rekey your locks. 

Use Motion-Sensing Lights 

If possible, replace your regular lights into the motion sensor ones. This is especially helpful if you will install it outdoors. You can also put a spotlight on anyone who is scoping out your property. This will send intruders away from your property. If you want to be extra cautious, do install motion sensing lights inside as well. Indoor versions will make it even more challenging for them to move around the house undetected. 

Make Your Hide-a-Key Stash Discreet

Hiding a key under the mat, above the door, or in a flowerpot near the door is a giveaway. These are the first areas the thieves will search if they target your home. You are making things much easier for burglars to do their job. Instead of these areas, find unexpected hiding places and in a concealed area. If you cannot find one, ask your trusted neighbor to hide it for you.

Keep Your Expensive Possessions Out of Sight

Don’t be flashy and keep your expensive items away from where burglars can easily spot them. Keep your bikes, tools, and car accessories safe in the garage if you will not be using them. To conceal your stuff inside the house, use window treatments such as curtains or blinds to stop passers-by from looking inside your home. 

Moreover, put away expensive items when you’re not using them. The last thing you want is to let burglars see what they can get inside your home. Therefore, keep your electronics, cash, jewelry, and other important personal documents away from the living area. 

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